Welcome to the PAZESA website. PAZESA is a Zambian created and operated NGO (Non Governmental Organization) dedicated to improving the livelihood of the people in Chipata District, Eastern Province, Zambia. The Executive Director, Paul Phiri, was born and raised in Kalichelo village of Chipata district and formed this organization to assist women, children, orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). PAZESA focuses on empowering development activities, such as trainings, rather than hand-outs that create community dependencyPAZESA is registered with the Registrar of Societies of Zambia and has collaborated with the United States Peace Corps, Firelight Foundation.


To improve the welfare of vulnerable children and under privileged families in the rural communities of eastern province of Zambia.


1) To improve the health status and standard of living of the rural poor

2) To facilitate all year round household owned food security

3) To conserve and protect the environment

4) To improve the human right knowledge condition of the rural inhabitants


1) Facilitate community orphan care and support

2) HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support

3) Facilitate food security

4) Facilitate livelihood training

5) Uphold children’s rights and combat property grabbing

7) Uphold women’s rights and curb gender disparity


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