Anti-Drug and Substance Abuse Campaign

PAZESA has embarked on an anti-drug and substance abuse campaign to educate the youths in rural areas of Chipata District of Zambia about the dangers of drug and substance abuse, especially Marijuana, Tobacco, Betel Nut and alcohol. 70% of all the youths aged 25  years in Chiparamba area either abuse or have abused narcotic substance especially marijuana in the Chiparamba area of Chipata District in Zambia. This practice has negative effects on their lives and health. Very few youths from this area have managed to finish high school and many youths indulge in juvenile delinquency, theft, and violence. Upon taking such drugs youths become careless about casual unprotected sex and as a result 65% are diagnosed HIV positive. To curb this cultural practice, PAZESA has embarked on an educational awareness program through:

• Trainings in the dangers of drug abuse to health and facilitate antidrug abuse campaign positive behavior change

• Anti-drug and substance abuse through educative theater.

• Training and empowerment in viable and sustainable livelihood skills/activities.

• Provision of alternative income generation activities for the youths who sale drugs for a living.

We therefore appeal to the well-wishers to help us with resources to continue and scale-up the project. Your logo will be spread on our billboard as the most prominent supporter, donor and partner for this project.

PAZESA COMMUNITY -Ensuring good health for the underprivileged poor people of Zambia.

If you are interested please contact us on

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