Fish Farming for Poverty Allevaition

Fish farming/aquaculture is the best and cheapest initiative for sustainable poverty alleviation in rural communities. It simply takes a courageous person to construct a fish pond and stock it with fish. All that is left of you is a little effort to feed, fertilize and mange the fish and the fish pond. Consider yourself retired and enjoy your quarterly social reward after each harvest. Be wise, sustainably utilize the ever neglected wetlands to positively alleviate poverty. Purely organic and simple to manage, aquaculture utilizes the locally available resources to earn an income, improve your family’s health, alleviate malnutrition and create employment for others.

PAZESA Horticultural Community has exceptional experience in this field. The organization has, through financial and material support from Firelight Foundation of USA, TIDES Foundation of USA and Department of Fisheries in Chipata, Zambia, empowered families that support orphans to increase food security and income. PAZESA aims to improve the lives of children, youths and women of Chiparamba in Chipata district of Zambia and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS, poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity through integrated fish farming.

Partner with PAZESA.

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