*Food Security for Poverty Alleviation


PAZESA Horticultural Community has embarked on mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty through the facilitation of irrigated food production techniques and fish farming. Households keeping orphans and vulnerable children, youths and women in Chiparamba area of Chipata District of Zambia received training in irrigation and fish farming to promote food security and generate income. The organization trains and empowers families to replicate their harvest through conservative irrigation farming and gardening and fish farming. This project enabled 200 households to live sustainably through the sale of green maize (off season) and vegetables and improved food security. The families who used to eat once the other day are able to have three meals per day, build better houses, pay for school fees for their children and most interesting adopt some orphans into their homes!

This has been possible through financial, technical, and material support from Firelight Foundation of California, TIDES Foundation (USA) and Global Giving. The organization empowers families with the skills and resources (seeds and the money maker treadle pumps) and urges the community to effectively utilize the ever neglected wetlands for food production. Viable and sustainable integrated horticulture fish farming and irrigation farming is the answer and sure weapon with which to effectively alleviate poverty and food insecurity in Africa.


$ 50 to enable one family procure farm inputs

$ 100 to enable one family establish a fishpond

$ 150 to train five (5) families in sustainable fish farming for poverty alleviation

$ 200 to enable (2) families create sustainable fish farming

$ 300 to enable one family procure sustainable irrigation kit for food security

$ 500 to train 10 families in fish farming

$ 1000 to empower a youth group with means to raise all year round food security

$ 5000 to support the organization activities for six months

$ 10 000 to empower 40 households in food security all year round

$ 20 000 to support organization programs for one year

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