I-Know Netball Tournament (HIV/AIDS Education Program)




Empowering the marginalized Inadequately Served Populations in rural areas of Africa.
October 19th was a day of fun, celebrity, education and reflection for the people of Kalichero community in Zambia.  At least 842 people attended this tournament from the neighboring villages. 386 youths (both female and male) attended the highly educative event where five Girls Netball Teams contested in an award winning HIV/AIDS Education campaign through educative sports (netball) called the “I know Netball Tournament” held at Zamanga village.  The event was organized by ‘’Global Innovators Network for Rural Development in Africa”, PAZESA Horticultural Community in conjunction with US Peace Corps Volunteers, and MUZA Women’s Group. Corridors of Hope provided free VCT services whilst MUZEYI Rural Health Center provided HIV education through theatre.  
Fantastic! 112 people received VCT services; were tested for HIV and received their HIV Test results in just one day precisely within 4 hours. Such great achievement shows that there is great need for VCT services among the Inadequately Served Populations in the rural communities of Africa.  GINRDA NETWORK is looking forward to yet another exciting episode of this event.
The netball competition was stiff and run as a symposium in scope and magnitude. HIV/AIDS prevention messages were being delivered during breaks, goals celebrations and infringements.  
Kalichero Netball Team emerged the first position and was awarded a “Gold quality I-know netball pack of jersey and 1 ball” and ZAMANGA Netball team was second was awarded a Sliver quality “I-know netball pack of jersey”. Kalewa Netball Team was third and got a “bronze quality I-know netball pack of jersey”.   
The traditional authorities (Chief Chikuwe, in particular) were very happy with the event. In his speech read by headman Zamanga, the Chief thanked the Peace Corps Volunteers, PAZESA, GINRDA NETWORK, Corridors of Hope and MUZA women’s group for organizing such a highly important event. He urged the community to fully participate in such invents and most importantly to heed the counsel disseminated in the education campaign so as to fight HIV/AIDS in the quest to “Zero HIV prevalence.”    
PAZESA Horticultural Community on behalf of the Global Innovators’ Network for Rural Development in Africa  thank all the partners, donors, supporters and the traditional authorities and Peace corps Volunteers for all your support; financial, technical and material.  
Let us unite the forces to fight HIV/AIDS by Empowering the marginalized Inadequately Served Populations in rural areas of Africa.
God Bless you all!

Paul Phiri
Executive Director

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