Paul Phiri, Executive Director of PAZESA, is a PEPFAR Hero!

In this post, Paul will answer some questions about his nomination as a PEPFAR hero and his experience at the PEPFAR Hero Workshop in Lusaka.

1) Why do you think you were chosen as one of the PEPFAR heroes?

I was selected because, regardless of having emerged from among the
most under privileged orphans among the inadequately served populations
in the rural area, I have stayed focus in promoting the rights of the
under privileged children and families in response to HIV/AIDS
prevention, care, support and impact mitigation.  Rather than
concentrate on acquiring material wealth, I have embarked on
serving the under privileged children and families through HIV education,
providing viable and sustainable livelihood skills, reducing stigma
and discrimination and promoting good nutrition and positive living in
the rural community.

2) Which parts of your work or accomplishments are you most proud of?

I am specifically proud of several parts of my work as follows:
a) Reduction of HIV infections in our community
b) Increased food security among households affected with HIV/AIDS
c) Increased Children’s rights in relation to HIV prevention both in
schools and in the community
d) Productive awareness in sexual and reproductive rights among
children and youths.
e) Innovative and sustainable strategies for Reducing stigma and
discrimination in rural areas.

3) How did you feel when you found out that you had been selected for this

Proud. When my counterparts Melissa Stelter and Bradely Wells
disclosed that they intended to send an application for my nomination,
I told them that they would not go wrong. This was because I know that
very few people have developed this far- springing from “an Orphan to
a Service Provider”. Many orphans just complain bitterly about their
vulnerable situation rather than fight to rectify the problem
themselves. Most just wait for donors or Governments to come to their
aid. If they tend to fight, most heroes demand huge sums of money for
salaries for “solving their own problems”, but I have been working
tirelessly on little and most times no salary at all. I have
contributed most of my resources to help the community thereby emerging
as a “Grass-root donor” in the midst of the needy community.

PEPFAR Award Certificate

Paul is on the far right

Paul is on the far right

Paul is on the far right

Paul is on the far right

Greetings from PAZESA.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Phiri

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One Response to Paul Phiri, Executive Director of PAZESA, is a PEPFAR Hero!

  1. gailplano says:

    Congratulations, Paul! You have accomplished so much with so little!

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